With the rapid development of Pharmaceutical Industry, the top five Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca made a strategic transfer to China. For strengthen the collaboration, AstraZeneca is going to invest 100 million dollars in Chinese medicine discovery. Evaluation by GES/GPR&D clearly showed that Tianjin University has been identified as the most appropriate partner. Two sides decide to corporate in the fields of Crystallization, Process safety and Green/Environmental Chemistry. Some principal scientists will come to Tianjin to do communication and presentations for the students. AstraZeneca will afford some calorimeters such as Tsu DSC etc to Tianjin University. TJU-AZ Joint laboratory will be established. Two students will be arranged to go to UK for training which could assist Tianjin University in the development of a centre of excellence in China

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全自动反应器 Labmax
DSC 金耐压坩埚
等温反应量热仪 Simular
ARC 加速绝热量热仪
DSC 差示扫描量热仪

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